Total box scheme management software

Boxmaster®  is a simple to use but powerful, comprehensive, managed, hosted box scheme management system with integrated website. Boxmaster®  improves customer service, increases value per delivery, saves administrative time, improves operational efficiency and optionally allows customers to shop and manage aspects of their account online.

Boxmaster®  is ideal for growers who deliver direct to the customer, helping them maintain their relationships whilst focussing on growing quality produce, allowing them to compete for service and efficiency with established national competitors whilst maintaining the advantages of being local and personal. It is also suitable for box schemes that do not grow.

Features include...

  • Manage delivery runs
  • Fully hosted and managed - no special software to install
  • Automate payments
  • Manage preferences
  • Custom and standard boxes
  • Integrated email
  • Online ordering and account management
  • Packing sheets, picking lists and other reports
  • Publish box contents
  • Sagepay®  and GoCardless® integration for payments

... and much more.

We know the independent box scheme sector very well and can give you help and advice on all aspects of systems, website design and marketing. 

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